Stuffed plush Lion Alpaca toy


Height : 13″

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Handmade Alpaca Lion, stuffed animal Lion, cluffy Lion, Lion decor, the lion king

-Lion Alpaca fur toy
-Beautiful Alpaca fur toy
-Made from 100% alpaca fur
-This souvenir is a great chance to get and excellent gift
-Perfect for your store or farm
-Height : 13″

One of the most popular and exclusive luxury gift items available is the Collectible baby alpaca plush animals. These Baby Alpaca Fur toys are not only soft and beautiful, they are lightweight, durable, and resilient and they do not shed. You will be proud and excited when you see the look on the faces of the recipients of these wonderful toys. Surprise the ones you love with this unique luxury collectible gift item

These charming and cherished baby alpaca plush toys are handmade of the softest and most magnificent Andean Baby Alpaca Fur, are so cute and cuddly you can’t help but get one for yourself. You will fall in love with these collectible baby alpaca plush toys and will want to collect them all.

This Baby Alpaca Plushed Animal is durable enough to be played with and to become a new best friend.

Benefits and Features:

-Cute and Huggable Collectible baby alpaca toy made of Silky Soft Alpaca Fur

-Exclusive Product.

-Beautiful, Durable and Easy to Maintain

-Handmade, No two are Alike, Collect them All!


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13 Inches


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