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SUPERALPAKA  is a company that began operating in Perú in 2007. We are dedicated to the manufacture of Premium Alpaca fur rugs, Alpaca toys,  Alpaca cushions and others.

We have the best quality and the best prices of the market because we’re manufacturer. All the prices from our shop are in US American dollars. We specialize in large fur area rugs and custom sized pieces. We have produced as large as 25′ x 25′ custom size fur rugs.

Our company, knowing that our customers want to have a variety in its inventories, has different lines of products. We have a special line of rugs, toys , cushions, slippers, fur hats, fur scarves made of Alpaca hair.

Our products have been in sales for 12 years in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Korea, UK, Italy, etc.

Custom Orders

SUPERALPAKA has pioneered the technology to craft customized Alpaca fur rugs, pillows, and bedspreads to meet your exact design needs. We can produce designs in Alpaca for you that others are unwilling or unable to do. Create your own design, or choose a custom shape, color, size and style variation from one of ours.

We select only the best hides for our products. The hides undergo the unique CHROMIUM TANNING PROCESS, known as “dynamic tanning process”, using the latest technology .

We offer our customers many different available payment procedures which are wire transfer, money order, etc. Those will make your business with us reliable and sure. Beside, we have many different ways to transport the products from our office to your foreigner location so that they arrive on time and without any inconvenience. We work with the best courier companies and the most trusty freight and custom agents.

Important: The Alpaca is not killed to get his fur; all pelts are from animals that have died a natural death. There is a very simple economic reason for this: The alpaca is too valuable for it’s wool.

Our comprise is about reliance and quality, in consequence, we always do our best for you to feel comfortable doing business with us.

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