Brown Baby Alpaca fur hide


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Alpaca is an incredible natural insulator – your seats will feel Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer.

Alpaca fur is obtained from alpacas that live in the high altitudes of the peruvian Andes. No animals are killed on the production of these products, all furs came from alpacas that die due to natural causes. These alpaca seat covers will bring beauty, comfort and luxury to your home decors, plus they possess extraordinary properties.

Average size : 27 – 32 inches approx.

Additional information: The hides can be dyed in most colors.

Tips for cleaning an alpaca hide:
1- In case of dust or crumbles etc, just brush the hide with a dog brush or fur brush (One brush is added with any order)
2- In case of spilled liquids or marks do NOT soak the hide in water, just moist the dirty part with water and washing powder and brush the
hide with a brush and let it dry.
3- To make a hide smell better one may add a perfumed powder to the fur and brush it.


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