Beige Suri Alpaca Fur slippers


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Unisex Suri alpaca slippers from Peru!

The unisex Luxurious Suri Alpaca Fur Slippers keep your feet nice and cozy even on the most blustery winter’s eve. These fur slippers are very well made, ensuring they will last for years.

These Suri alpaca slippers are made from the finest Alpaca fur and are guaraunteed to keep ones feet warm this winter.

Material: Suri Alpaca outer, sheepskin wool lines the inside, bottom suede

Benefits and Features:

– No animal was ever harmed to make these items.
– Each one is totally unique, they are totally handmade.
– Durable enough to be used a long time.
-Collect them all.


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US 10 men, US 10 women, US 10.5 men, US 10.5 women, US 11 men, US 11 women, US 11.5 men, US 11.5 women, US 12 men, US 12 women, US 12.5 men, US 13 men, US 4 women, US 4.5 women, US 5 women, US 5.5 women, US 6 men, US 6 women, US 6.5 men, US 6.5 women, US 7 men, US 7 women, US 7.5 men, US 7.5 women, US 8 men, US 8 women, US 8.5 men, US 8.5 women, US 9 men, US 9 women, US 9.5 men, US 9.5 women


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